The Toolkit

The Toolkit

This toolkit contains units to help users gain awareness of the wider benefits of volunteering to local communities. It helps to identify any barriers to volunteering and supports you to develop and strengthen your model of volunteering so that it, in turn, strengthens social cohesion. The aim is to help users create an action plan for improving social cohesion specifically tailored to their organisation’s purpose, volunteering opportunities and location.

You do not need to work through the units in numerical order or complete them all – just use the resources most relevant to your role, organisation and location. In total the toolkit should take around four hours to work through if all units are completed. They do not all have to be done at once, in fact it will be better to just complete one unit at a time to allow thinking space and discussions with colleagues between units.

As you navigate through the different modules in each unit, your notes will be carried over to all exercises within that unit – allowing you to add more detail and build on the descriptions saved after each exercise. Simply click ‘Save’ to keep your notes. You can view your answers at any time in the My Account  section of the toolkit. By completing these exercises, you will develop ideas that can go towards your action plan in Unit 5.

By creating an account and signing in, you can access The Power of Connection Toolkit. This will also allow you to save your progress, and opt in to receive support with your plan from Belong.

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