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The Power of Connection has been designed to help people organising and supporting volunteers and volunteer programmes to provide volunteering opportunities which strengthen meaningful connection between people from different backgrounds. This helps to reduce prejudice and increase understanding between people from all backgrounds. It also results in more people wanting to volunteer, so it’s a win-win.

The toolkit

Connecting Through Volunteering

“Shaping the Future with Volunteering is a group of 30 larger volunteer-involving organisations. We have been involved in helping develop this toolkit for the sector. It is designed to take you through the different steps needed to build stronger, more connected communities whatever the scope and style of your volunteering. The toolkit is based on evidence of how a focus on social cohesion can be foundational in improving the benefits to your volunteers and the communities in which they are based. Volunteering needs to find ways to be more inclusive of everyone in our society. This toolkit will help you develop your own action plan and be part of  the solution in improving diversity and reach across communities.”

Jeremy Hughes, CBE, Convenor of Shaping the Future through Volunteering

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So Why a Toolkit?

Before you start, you may like more information about the background to the toolkit and all the organisations that have contributed to its content and design.

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